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, the election is over. >> i can't wait for jon stewart and colbert to do a fact check segment. i disagree with glen. he calls a bicycle a car. i think a bicycle is a bicycle. i don't think this is a health care plan these people have. on top of that only 17% were renewed before the affordable care act. >> you can rationalize all you want but you can't keep your plan. remember, the president said you will save $2500 per family per year. that's not true either. >> a lot of families will save money. >> no, they are not. >> it will save the country money, too. >> b nobody thinks the country will save makeup. this isn't going to work. we'll expand medicare and medicaid. do you know who's hurt? the 12 to 14 million people in the middle who don't have health care. they are small business owners, not obama voters. people who voted for obama will be fine. i wonder what percentage of the 14 million voted for the president. >> is a congressional budget office part of everybody or they don't count? they say it will save money. they don't count? >> who thought they were going to keep their health insu
shultz say they're going to win elections on oak yauma care. baghdad bombs had a better grip on reality. >> i want to say politicians up for reelection next year and bush republicans and senate democrats are going to be on the run. >> give it to the guy next to you. >> president obama's smart and efficient government promise failed also but this is showing big government policies do not work. >> how many think this i is -- considering this is a holy grail of regressive liberal movement. how many of you think is going to set back liberalism for a long period of time? >> no way. >> i think when this is fully implemented by next year people are going to love it. republicans are gooding to start embracing it and start taking credit for it, too. >> ronald reagan said that freedom is always only one generation way from exstimpx. we have to fight for it this, is a huge part of the bat yes. government cannot continue to expand beyond what it can in our personal liveses. >> i don't for see room for banks hoisting americans with houses they couldn't afford but it's okay for the president to hoist
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)